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Bas Jan Ader
Snowfillpark Lane
Stand the Crowd
Only Ten Seconds
The Tell-Tale Heart
Reserved Parking For Supervisor
Parts I & II
I'm Thinking Of A Number
On The Bench
ww n01se
Straight and Narrow
Move In Early 2013
King & Portland (Lights)
I'll Say It With Squares
Have Your Cake
Line Clock/Calendar
Uh, Yeah
Queen + Peter
Ulysses Today
TD Centre, After Mark Lewis
10 Sunsets in 5 Minutes
And Now
The Centre Of The Universe
Traffic Light (London)
Music Reader
Empty Intersection (London)
Watched pot
I Knew It
Two Verse, One Bridge
Two Walking
One Side Another
The Counter of Babel
There's No Medium Like Show Medium
Come and Go
On Stone And Puddle
I Did It
Downsview to Finch

I make video and interactive media art in Toronto. Born in Kitchener, grew up in London, I completed a college diploma at OIART for audio engineering in 2001. After a short stint in a recording studio, I attended OCAD University and received my BFA in 2009. I have shown work at various film fests and galleries, including the Images Festival, Interaccess, Gallery 1313, and North End Studios.

Most of my work focuses on the perception and representation of time. Slow-moving, non-narrative scenes that translate the moments originally recorded to the moments spent reviewing. The anticipatory experience of watching the piece is an important relation to the content itself, and for this I try to give the viewer multiple points of entry: aesthetically, rhythmically, meditatively, etc. What does it mean to be in the now? How is it influenced by what just happened seconds or minutes ago? How do we know it is actually now? I don't often begin working on a piece with these questions in mind, but they invariably seem to surface before I'm finished.

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